MSDI has partnered with the leading provider of safe patient handling systems and equipment, Handicare, to offer comprehensive solutions that prevent injury to patients and healthcare staff and reduce liability.
Training & Maintenance
System Planning
Selection & Installation

Safe Patient Handling Solutions

Risky Business

Each year, thousands of medical workers suffer work related injuries from improperly moving patients in their care. Back injuries account for nearly 50 percent of all injury claims among healthcare workers. And in an overwhelming majority of cases, this high injury rate is due to nursing staff performing manual 

patient handling tasks, or as OSHA refers to it, “overexertion.”



"The bottom line is there is NO safe way to lift a patient manually."


- Director of OSU Spine Research Institute 

MSDI Safe Patient Handling Process

System Planning

Selection & Installation

Training & Maintenance

SPH Safety System Planning

We work with you to design the safe patient handling system that fits your facility, needs, and budget, including:


  • Facility needs audit

  • Staff and patient needs assessment

  • Injury incident review (patient and staff)

  • Current equipment and training assessment

  • Budget requirements

  • Time frame for equipment needs


Handicare SPH System Selection & Installation

We work with Handicare to select the best equipment options and pricing for you and your facility. Our professional installation team ensures that your Handicare safe handling equipment meets the needs of both patients and staff:


  • Customized affordable system options

  • Expert system component installation and testing


Professional Training and Maintenance

Our training staff and maintenance team ensures that equipment remains in top shape and staff are fully trained on benefits and use of your lifts.


  • In-facility comprehensive training of all staff and management

  • Ongoing training as needed

  • On-call and scheduled maintenance of all equipment

SystemRoMedic™ by Handicare

SystemRoMedic™ is the name of Handicare's unique easy transfer concept, the market's widest range of safe, easy-to-use and effective transfer and lifting aids designed to make life easier, both for the user and for the caregiver.


SystemRoMedic™ is a complete solution that provides for all types of patient transfers and manual handling requirements. Through a unique combination of education, training and a complete range of efficient transfer aids, SystemRoMedic™ offers improvement of both work environment and quality of care and, at the same time, achieves significant cost savings.





The MSDI Safe Patient Commitment
Our commitment is to provide the most effective safe patient handling solutions to prevent the injuries that can occur to healthcare staff members and patients in their care.
Interested in discussing solutions with a safe patient handling expert?

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